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  A transplanted New Zealand Chrysler Hemi Charger in the United States

Paul Smith wrote:

After a couple of days getting used to the E49 driving and tuning I decided to see what we could make it do in the 1/4 mile.

Wednesday night is grudge match night at the local drag strip. I call it my run what you brung night. A couple of friends and I decided to try to break into the 13s with the Charger. The first pass was a lone run and I posted a 14.11 at 100.003 mph. Not bad for a first run.

All of a sudden the "Mustang" crowd started showing up to see what we had under the hood, oops I mean bonnet. We kind of closed the hood and let it cool off and waited for the next run. We adjusted the air pressure in the rear slicks and unhooked the front sway bar for more weight transfer.

I pulled up to the staging area and was up against a brand new 2000 Mustang GT 4.6 liter 5 speed. He had all of the go fast goodies like a big exhaust big tires and even chrome rocker covers. I knew that he was really fast then. After pulling around the burnout box and doing a couple of dry hops we were ready for action. I had a reaction time of .489 started shifting and waited for the Mustang to appear. But to no avail, I never saw him except in my rear view mirror.

After running through the traps and slowing down he did finally catch up with a real confused look on his face!

I got my time slip and I turned a 13.96 at 101.994 mph. Not bad for my second run.

The Mustang boy takes a look at the hood and says, “No wonder you beat me, you got a Hemi!” Boy was he in for a suprise!

Then we adjusted the timing and reset the rear tire pressures and went for it again. No! not another Mustang, a 1995 5.0 LX which is the lighter version. After staging very shallow we got the last yellow, I hit it, rolled into second gear and he was nowhere to be seen. He had staged very deep and when I hit it on the last yellow light he hit it and red lighted!

O.K. so, far so good we beat 2 out of 2 pretty good luck. Now the last run because of impending thunder storms. We cooled the intake with ice, checked the timing and tire pressures and went back for another run. The president of the Mustang club wanted to run me so we set it up. He had a 1969 351 Windsor 4 speed and 3.90 rear. I figured that we were in trouble but again we were here for fun and waited for our turn.

Well, he kept giving me the "Look of Death." I guess we were making them look bad. So I staged shallow again, a real favorite of mine and looked over he was laughing and giving me a real nice middle finger salute. Boy those Mustang boys don't have a sense of humor! I let the last yellow glow and hit it again! It launched like a rocket, I didn't even spin the tires 2 turns and we were off!! I was pulling the gears again waiting for the BIG BAD Mustang to appear, again to no avail, it never did. I pulled into the cool down lane and got my time slip, 13.91 at 103.001 mph, not bad! We all felt that we could get a lot more out of it.

I don't think that 13.50s are out of the question. With a fresh motor, clutch and time we could really make these things fly! I pulled back into out pit area to let the Charger cool off and the President pulled up and told me that it was a really bad running hemi and I should get it looked at!!!

We opened the bonnet for him and the look on his face was worth a million dollars! A 6 cylinder! I explained to him what it was and what it was built for, he just shook his head in disbelief and walked away a really beaten man.

The word got out about the motor and it took us 2 hours to get out of there. Most of the Mustang guys took it in stride, they were good sports about it, a couple of guys said that we should beat them because it is a real race car! I asked if any of them would like to go to the race track with turns like Road America but there were no takers. Over all a good night, hopefully we are making you proud back in good ole N.Z.

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