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1974 North American Plymouth Valiant - Duster and Dodge Dart bulbs and fuses

Also see vintage Plymouth, Chrysler, and Dodge car repairs (at allpar) and Valiant repair tips. If you can cross check this list against other years, it would be handy to let us know what you find. 1971-1976 models probably share these specifications but may not.

Light bulbs

Batteries: 305 amp standard, 375 optional.

Plymouth Valiant and Duster, Dodge Dart Fuses (1974-76)

Thanks to Trailmaster for extending this list to 1975. We are assuming that 1976 was unchanged.

  1. 3 amp: instrument cluster, dashboard area lamps; feeds from headlight switch
  2. 20 amp: backup lights, blower motor (non-air-conditioned cars), turn signals, radio
  3. 20 amp: rear window defogger, a/c clutch
  4. 20 amp: blower motor (air conditioned cars)
  5. 20 amp; open!
  6. 3 amp: voltage limiter, gauges and indicator lights, heated rear window, seat belt starter interlock (1974 only), EGR warning system (1975-76)
  7. 20 amp: interior lights, hazard flashers, buzzers, lighter, ignition light relay, seat belt and ignition lights
  8. 20 amp: tail, license, parking, and side marker lamps; instrument lights, horn, horn relay
  9. Open
  10. Open

Rear axles took 2 pints (7 1/4) or 4 1/2 pints (8 3/4) — U.S. measure (Imperial differs.)

Spark plug gap was 0.35, thermostat was 195°, regardless of engine. Without a tow package, a maximum 1,000 pound trailer with 100 pounds tongue load was recommended. With the light tow package, a 2,000 pound trailer with a 200 pound tongue weight could be towed.

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