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South American Valiants and Other A-Bodies

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1968 South African Regal by Dave Desmond

Images are arranged by year. Some photos and drawings are on other Valiant and A-Body pages; photos on these pages are not found anywhere else on this Web site. If you should run across a photo of your car without credit to you, as owner or as photographer, please let me know immediately.

See: South American Chryslers, Plymouths, Dodges, and DeSotos

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Andres Pinto's GTX

Andres Pino of Buenos Aires, Argentina, owns this Valiant-based Dodge GTX (318 V8). Note the GTX logo in the rear - identical to the US, B-body model. We suspect the engine didn't look like this when it rolled out of the factory...

Plymouth GTX (Valiant based) in Argentina

Leandro's Brazilian Dodges

Leandro's Brazilian 1974 Charger: from the back and under the hood
1974 Dodge Charger R/T A-body

Ezequiel's Argentine Valiant III

Ezequiel from Florida, Buenos Aires, Argentina wrote:

I'm a fanatic of the Crowned Valiant III. I possess one that I could consider a RELIC which is in a very good state thanks to the care and affection that we were providing to it. The car was manufactured in 1964, it´s a model V-270, sedan four doors with a six cylinder in lines, inclined 30 degrees with a capacity of 3687 cc, the capacity of the naphtha tank is 64 liters, the carburetor is a Holley 2535, the brakes are with Duet servo of simple action, with control of power. As far as the front suspension is concerned, it has got torsion Bars and shocks absorbers, the back suspension is Elastic
semi-eliptic and shocks absorbers. The tires are sport radials without camera of measure 185*70*13.

The car has a total of 156565 km from the year of production. The good state of the car is the result of my grandfather´s dedication and the effort he made during his life. Then I continued taking care of it and it´s a pride for me because this car is my life.

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