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Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge Electrical Diagrams

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Dave Wordinger wrote:

This is an engine compartment wiring diagram for a 1969 Valiant. B bodies had a horn relay rather than the horn button activating the horn directly. Other than that, they were very similar. This diagram is basically the same as the shop manual, except I simplified it by deleting the V8 distributors and the B body horn relay wiring. Other pre 1970 Valiants were very similar. From 1960 thru 1967 the headlight wiring was part of the engine compartment wiring, but that doesn’t affect anything shown here. 1964 and prior had a smaller bulkhead connector with only two plugs, but the basic circuits and the color coding are very similar from 1960 into the 1970s.

An electronic ignition requires an electronic voltage regulator. Mopar says it won’t work with the older electromagnetic regulators. I—ve been told replacements for the older regulators are all electronic now. That may be true, I don’t know. Converting to the new regulator only requires the swap to a new alternator with two field terminals, and one piece of wire. This is the route I took on every vehicle I—ve converted to electronic ignition. If you want to try the old regulator and single field alternator, the choice is up to you.

Installing the Mopar electronic ignition requires a distributor with the magnetic pickup, and one more wire to the ballast resistor. This wiring diagram is for the 1980 and later four pin ignition module. If you have an ignition harness with five wires, just don’t connect the dark green wire that would go to pin 3.

I Installed a Jacobs computer ignition, and it doesn’t require a ballast resistor. I don’t know, but I think MSD, Accel, and others are the same. Obviously, you should follow the directions that come with witch ever ignition kit you are using. To delete the ballast resistor, just remove it and connect all the wires that went to both ends together. In the diagram above, the brown, two dark blues, and the light blue all get connected together.

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