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Parts for Chrysler Valiant-based Cars

This page is provided as an information service only. The maintainer takes no responsibility for the quality of the products noted, the honesty of the businesses involved, availability or suitability of parts, or anything else. We rechecked most of the sources in 2007.

There are some useful, specific parts sources further down the page, past the general parts sources.

General Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth parts

Allpar has a rather large list of Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, and Valiant parts suppliers.

Valiant and A-Body Specialists

Detroit Muscle Technologies makes gaskets for both muscle and standard Valiants, all years, and will custom design gaskets for your car as needed.

"Here's yet another source for Dart parts. There is an auto salvage yard in Seguin, Texas that goes by the name of John's Salvage Company. The phone number is 1-800-397-9648 and the address is 2020 Fox Trotter Road, Seguin, TX. Hope this helps, as for me I was just GIVEN my first Dart, a 1964 2DR with a 226/3-speed that has not been driven in 3 years and has been sitting behind a barn. Wish me luck....Wayne Ollison, Austin, TX"

[email protected] runs a salvage yard in the US (Texas) but ships worldwide, and we hear he has some A bodies in good condition. (Thanks, Gene Rivers) - note: still active as of summer 2007

Accurate LTD makes Mopar exhaust systems specializing in A-body replacement components.

Bayer Boys' Mopar repair/resto shop, RWD only, have many parts for 60-70s models, have 3 aussie mopars, save as many cars as possible from the crusher, send a lot up north, ship parts all over the globe, cars also, write to: 7464 Bankhead Hwy, Douglasville GA 30134 (770) 577 3138 ask for Brian

According to Ulf Andersson, this company sells A-body parts worldwide, mostly NOS but they stock used parts as well: MoParts, Hissjö 232 D, S-905 91 UMEå, SWEDEN - Ph: +47 70 200 95 93

Chuck Roth specializes in 1967-69 Valiants, including two and four door, 100 and 200, and Signet. He currently has three 1967s under construction, and would like to swap or sell parts. He's at valyant1 (at) (Yes, valyant1, not valiant1).

Blue Star, a long-established Australian outfit, sells for many Valiants - you can get things like amber turn signals that fit your American/Canadian Valiants from them! People say they have great parts and service. You probably do have to know which cars were built from American designs and which were locally modified, but that information is available right here on this site. No URL known.

General Australian Valiant, Charger, Pacer parts

Paul Clarke wrote: If your parts are being exported out of NZ -remember NZ GST does not apply to goods that are exported. GST is 1/9 of total NZ price, so if exported only pay 8/9 of GST inclusive price.

Gold Coast - Tweed Chrysler Valiant Car Club - Phone (02) 66742498 - "We buy and sell parts, give advice, have club outings etc"

Gary Foster wrote in ValiantPlus: "T.J. Wreckers also service cars etc. I have found them reliable for sending parts, no B.S., unlike some other Val dealers in Melb. They are at 60A Dandenong Street, Dandenong Ph. 97060270."

Paul Clarke wrote: Valiant wrecker in Auckland, New Zealand who specialises in Valiants only. Avon Auto Wreckers, Box 45132 Te Atatu North, Auckland, 09 836 2802 NZ

Scotts' Old Auto Rubber is an Australian vendor of rubber pieces, wiring looms, and other items for pre-1981 Chrysler products

Matthew Guilford, proud owner of a 1966 Valiant VC, recommended The Restorers' Hotline. They stock new rubber pieces, including all window, bonnet, suspension, and body fittings. 1 Brant rd Kelmscott W.A. 6111 phone 08 94951010 Fax 08 93907203.

Kickdown linkage

"I replaced the kickdown linkage on my 1970 Dart when I switched to a four barrel Edelbrock with a kit I obtained from Bouchillon Performance in Charleston, SC. I don't endorse their shop; they're usually surly and unpleasant, but this kit works and they claim it's universal. It might make a decent last resort move for someone who can't get it together from the junkyard. It was a little over a hundred bucks, easy to install and adjust, though not good for the strict restorer." - Dan Summerlin, Austin, Tx

Water pivot seal kit

Kits for 63-66 A-body, 67-76 A-body, 62-65 B-body, 66-70 B-body. Kits include 2 water seals, 2 base gaskets, 2 caulk strips Price $11.50. Schumacher Creative Services, 2025 NE 123rd, Seattle, WA 98125. (206) 364-7151. They also sell lots of kits for engine swaps.

Firewall gasket kits

Master cylinder, heater blower, heater tubes, accelerator pedal, steering column, A/C for A-body 64-76, B-body 62-74, E-body 70-74. Factory look, correct fit, money back guarantee. $21.50 + $3.50 S/H check or money order only. Specify car model & year, with or without A/C. Schumacher Creative Services, 2025 NE 123rd, Seattle, WA 98125. (206) 364-7151.

Kits for putting larger engines into A bodies

A well-designed kit for installing the B/RB engine into your A-body. Engineered to bolt directly on '67 through '72 Slant 6 or V-8 K-members, without requiring K-member removal, suspension changes or extra parts, the new kit is applicable to cars with or without power steering and includes brackets, production style rubber insulators, fasteners and detailed installation instructions. Kits can be ordered directly from Schumacher Creative Services for $125.00 per kit (S/H extra). Please specify Slant 6 or V-8, with or without power steering, and shipping preference when ordering. (206) 364-7151.

Convertible tops

JABORST wrote:


Other resources

We would like more sources for A-body parts, particularly for locations outside North America. Please contact me if you know of any.

There is a resource list including some junkyards at

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