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Pete Dickerson's 1975 Dart Swinger

In 1979, at the age of 15, I bought a 1975 Dart Swinger with a 318. It was the most awesome car ever. I owned it for 7 years and it is a central character in a book I am now writing. People rarely take me seriously when I tell them how fast and reliable it was but consider this: In college a buddy of mine had an '84 Mustang GT with the 5.0 and a 5 speed. We went out by the airport and raced. Up to 50 mph, I stayed with him, side by side. He was quite surprised, I'll say! The only modification to my car was dual exhaust. In seven years it only broke down once, a popped ballast resistor. I had a spare in the glove box and was underway in 5 minutes.

I was pleased to see your cop car page as well. Last year I had a '68 Newport sedan with a 383 and 2 barrel. It was a surprisingly capable car. It sounded great after a good warm up. I used to drive it around Seattle on Sundays but had to sell it eventually.

The Dart (or Valiant) is the most awesome car ever. I was so glad to stumble across your page. Perhaps when my book is ready for publishing I can post it there, or on my own web page with a link.

Please drop me a line. I love talking about the Dart and its virtues. I once thought of opening a business that catered only to the Dart/Valiant. It would be a most rewarding experience. By the way, Seattle is great clean, old, low mileage Dart territory, if you're interested. They're everywhere!

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