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  • Many photos added to promos/models page; added to engines page
  • Added to Valiant project page
  • Added 1973 to specs (engines, some body dimensions and such); added 1973 details to Dart page (February 1)


  • Added 1972 Dodge Dart, Demon, and Swinger details
  • Added Dodge Dart page
  • Added another quote to the home page (November?)
  • Added Valiant TV van to Australian images, October 8
  • Added engine list with power ratings, September 12.
  • Added introduction material for the 1960 Valiants, September 6.
  • Added 1968 specifications, photos July 25.
  • Added 1967 specifications on June 2.
  • Added to the chronology (substantially) in April.
  • Added a lovely 1963 Valiant photo on March 9.


  • November: Updated the general look of the site; Common repairs and tune-ups; Project: Valiant Survivor
  • August: Updated the repairs page and slant-six performance upgrades page.
  • July: We buy a Valiant after only 20 years of lacking an A-body. Follow our progress as we take a 12,000-mile survivor and try to bring it up to daily-driver and then show quality status. (It's not a daily driver - we can only put 2,100 miles per year on it now - but we have to make sure everything's highway-ready first!). The first deadline: the Slant Six Club's October picnic.
  • March: Taxis added to A-bodies page
  • February: Repairs page updated (seat replacement); Valiant movie update; Links page update


  • Hyper-Pak specs added to the slant six performance page
  • Added 1973 details to the chronology page
  • Curtis Redgap tells the full, true story of the Plymouth Duster - how it was sneaked into existence to become Chrysler's biggest hit!
  • Added 1975 to the chronological history of the Valiant; added some 1975 photos
  • Added 1962 to the chronological history of the Valiant
  • Edited, updated, and prettied up the Australian Valiant section
  • Cleaned up the images section, making it much easier on browsers; added 1962 images.


  • Minor cosmetic improvements
  • Fixed a huge number of images that were not loading, including the wiring.
  • A-bodies of Brazil
  • Substantial updates to the Valiant chronology
    • (And again! We made TWO major expansions in October!)
    • (And again! Make that THREE major expansions!)
  • General repairs to links and appearances
  • New engineering page
  • Added substantial new info to the history page
  • Added link to the 1960 Valiant detailed page added in April or May
  • Updated and cleaned the A-bodies page
  • Note: updated their Australian Royal/Plainsman page
  • Added Feather Duster photos from Richard Benner.
  • Paint codes added to repairs page.
  • Valiant registry added to links page
  • Minor update to Australian Valiant section
  • Substantial update to South African Valiant


  • Substantial update to the electrical repairs section
  • Added links to South African Valiant page
  • Updated parts sources page and e-mail addresses
  • Removed Sprinks advertisements
  • Updated parts sources page
  • Updated links
  • Added to the repairs section - removing the back seat
  • New Falcon show car page
  • Photos of the Falcon show car on which the Valiant was based
  • Modified main graphics, style sheet (appearance) - moved from maroon to teal, made other minor changes


  • New material on index page
  • Less annoying advertising installed.
  • Updated Webring code.
  • Made small modification to style sheet
  • Weber carburetor page added - brief but I hope it will grow
  • New Aussie parts source
  • Valiant IV information added to the Argentine Valiant page
  • Fixed the A-bodies page
  • Updated book links
  • Added Lancer vs Neon link; added short Lancer description to "a-bodies" page.
  • Renovated front page yet again by adding an index column and cleaning up the top. Cut advertising in half to help with load times...then cut advertising again!
  • Fixed problem which caused Netscape users to see ads - and nothing else!
  • New article from Bill Watson on adding shoulder belts and rear seat belts
  • New story about Billy Watson's 1976 Valiant Brougham
  • Fixed bad links in header
  • Engine swap information (slant six to V8)
  • Updated wiring diagrams - thanks, Dave Wordinger!
  • New photos in the American and Australian Valiant pages
  • New page on transmission availability
  • New page on heating systems (1960s)
  • New page on speedometer cables/repairs
  • New page on reviews / impressions of Australian Valiants
  • Added several items to the repairs page
  • Updated the models and promos page with substantial new information by Mike Sealey
  • Updated Venezuela section slightly
  • Added a new story to the stories page
  • Substantial upgrades to the repairs page.
  • Updated the parts section
  • Added 1973 Duster 340 photos to the North American photo page, as well as a 1969 VF photo for the Australian page. Added the Duster 340 photo to the Duster page.
  • Cleaned up the Australian photo page a little.
  • Updated South African Valiant information at
  • Wiring diagrams added, courtesy of Dave Wordinger
  • Added to the slant six performance information
  • New ad code to compensate for very soft ad market
  • Full-site cosmetic cleanup and code repairs including index page redesign


  • National Need for Speed event coverage added
  • Thanks to Franciso Bóscolo, specifications of various Valiant models added, more to come.
  • South American area expanded, thanks to Francisco Bóscolo. Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuala sections split off to be their own pages. Much more coming.
  • New page on a New Zealand Hemi Charger transplanted to the US - where it blows away some Mustangs at the track
  • Added squealing noise to the repair section
  • Starting to move to a standard style sheet.
  • New owner forum software with new features.
  • Sponsorship starts.
  • Yet another major redesign of the front page.
  • Started moving to server side includes throughout the site for standardization and easy changes.
  • New exhaust manifold crack and not-starting notes in the repairs page.
  • Two substantial and time-consuming redesigns of front page
  • New information on models added
  • New page for the Safari, Ranger, and Regal
  • New photos of Australian models
  • Added Hemi sound .wav file


  • New electrical info
  • New suspension repair tips (also separated suspension repairs from the main fix-it page)
  • Added substantially to the South American section - new Venezuala subsection with good detail on the various Valiant varieties sold throughout South America.
  • Added substantially to the 3700 description (look in the Spain section).
  • Added advertisements from Australia for VJ series and updated hardtop info
  • Added a story with lots of photos (Big B Gill)
  • Created a South American photos page
  • Created a Spain page
  • Bryan Thalbourne sent over a Pacer photograph page complete with pictures! and minor corrections to the VIP and other pages.
  • Many changes including a standardized "footer", new pictures (and some pictures rearranged), general work on the site's appearance.
  • Added a whole bunch of Australian VIP photos
  • Put in a section on upgrading to dual master cylinders (brakes)
  • Added Safari picture to Australian page, V-280 photos to US Valiant photo page, parts suppliers to parts page.
  • Added Barracudas of Canada section, added significantly to the Valiants of Australia section, and added a couple of interesting new links.
  • Added slant six performance page
  • Added South America section including Brazil and Argentina.
  • Added a good, long story, about Ron's 1964 Valiant and its renovation. Many photos.


  • We've finally gotten the message board and the mailing list up. Soon we'll take the classified ads in-house. We updated the history on the main page too, and added a story.
  • Added Scamp pictures to the A-bodies page.
  • Brought the introduction from valiant.html into index.html. Eliminated valperf.html and merged that in with slant6 pages at Chrysler Central [that would be Allpar, later.]
  • The Canada page has been updated every week, and is finally finished.
  • A separate Duster page was added.
  • Specialized classified ads created.
  • Updated the Canada page to 1965. Fascinating stuff.
  • New links and Centura page.  Added a classifieds feature.
  • The "what's new" page started on August 1, 1998, four years after the original site was created! (It didn't move to the domain until about 1998.)

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