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Valiant, the movie

The press release follows. We assume the photo, since it came with a press release, is OK to reproduce. If not, please let us know.

Aug. 9, 1997 - Jim Henson Pictures has optioned VALIANT, an original story by Jay Dubin and Paul Zaloom. They will both write the screenplay with Mr. Dubin set to direct and Mr. Zaloom to produce. The announcement was made by Stephanie Allain, president of production for Jim Henson Pictures.

VALIANT tells the story of a secret underground society of nuclear-powered cars that have been brought to life during the '50s and '60s by nuclear testing in the Nevada desert. Threatened by a gang of thieves, they enlist the help of a rebellious tomboy who teams up with the leader of a motorcycle gang to help save them. A love triangle develops between the couple and the '62 Plymouth Valiant as they fight to save the cars from destruction.

...Kristine Belson and Eoghan Mahony are the executives in charge of production for Jim Henson Pictures.

Mr. Dubin and Mr. Zaloom are best known for their work on the CBS Saturday morning series "Beakman's World" which uses humor to introduce children to the world of science. Together they have compleated more than 90 episodes of the Emmy award-winning series, which is helmed by Mr. Dubin and stars Mr. Zaloom as "Beakman." Mr. Dubin's other directing credits include the ABC series, "Dinosaurs," as well as numerous commercials and music videos. In addition to his work as a producer, Mr. Zaloom is recognized as a gifted performer and puppeteer and most recently staged a critically acclaimed one-man show at the Kennedy Center.

It's worth noting that another of their projects was "Lincoln 'The Man, The Car, The Tunnel'" — that said, the movie that eventually came out, from the same crew but not from Henson, was about a fowl in World War I.

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